About Me

Sacha Federovsky

Photographer of the invisible

Visual Haunted Art

Sacha Federovsky is a French-Ukrainian artist. He is a photographer, graphic designer, video maker and novelist. He lives and works in Toulouse, France.
A multidisciplinary artist who explores the invisible world through his work. His photographs are often surreal and spiritual, and they explore themes such as identity, belief and spirituality.
He has exhibited his work in numerous galleries and museums around the world.
His series "Try everyday to destroy a world" is perhaps his best known. It explores the invisible world around us, a world of forces and energies that are often invisible to our eyes. The images are often dreamlike and abstract, and they evoke a sense of mystery and spirituality.
Sacha Federovsky's work is a journey into the unknown. It invites us to explore the invisible world around us and to see beauty and spirituality in the most ordinary things.

It is often described as surrealist. Because he often uses their techniques to create images that are both beautiful and strange. However, his work is more than just surrealism. It is also imbued with deep spirituality.
Sacha Federovsky is an artist who invites us to explore the world around us in a new way. It shows us that the invisible world is very real, and that it is full of beauty.


London Borderplaces (2023)

Rome International Art Fair (2023)

Art expo Basel (2023)

Casa del Arte (2023)

Finity Gallery - Berlin (2023)

Jonathan Schultz Gallery - Berlin (2023)

Nicoleta Gallery - Berlin (2023)

Los Angeles Art Lab (2023)

Miami Art Fair (2022)

Polychromes Nice (2011)

Festival OFF Lisbon (2009)

Villa Kujoyama KYOTO (2008)

Théâtre National de Toulouse (2007)