About Me

Sacha Federovsky

Photographer of the invisible

Visual Haunted Art

After my long university studies in media and digital arts sociology, and my travels around the world, I became in 2004, a professionnal photographer and graphic designer. I live in Toulouse ( south of France). I am a multidisciplinary artist, photographer, graphic designer, videographer and novelist.

I am constantly questioning through my work about the invisible and reality. My photographic’s themes are about memory and private intimate life.

My art captures what our identity is made of.

My projects carry the influence of surrealiasm, melting graphic experimentations to my photography, mixing various inspirations «avant-gardes» and «classicals», such as, the fashion world, dance, psychedélism, black and white, colors, anthopological studies from the beginning of the XXth century, urban day life, trips all over the world and landscapes.

There are no limits to the construction of my art